We're well into our 15th year of serving food on Skid Row, in downtown Los Angeles and we've served over 730,000 meals! Thank you to all of our supporters!

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All Photo Credits to John Zounes - Thank you John

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Jimmy and Cindy Caird

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The Currie's Table

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Unfilled ballroom awaiting guests

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Guests enjoying cocktails

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Ray and his doctor and friend,Dr. Lander along with Dr. Lander's wife Karen

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Ray and Noreen with lead vocalist of Glen Roberts Big Band

Sherrill Sipes and his guests

The Glen Roberts Big Band played up a storm. From the first moment the doors opened, the dance floor was full for every song

Giovanna (right), Ray, and guest

Stacey Koff and Noreen Castellani giving away amazing prizes

Carol, Sheryl, Paul and Marty - buying and selling T-Shirts  Lloyd and Doris Dent - Frontline supporters since 1988

Thank you to all of these sponsors who helped to make the event possible

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Donna Scholtes


James F. Caird Ivy Liebross
Frances O'Brien Doug Gibbons
Fairmount Tires and

Jerry and Ilene Sraberg

Bob and Andrew Jacobson Copy of calfreshtif.gif (1388 bytes)
Paul and Penny Armbruster Sue Culhane
U.S. Borax Plastic Dress Up
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The Mock Family

Employees of Hilli Dunlap Enterprises Karen Youra
Randell Construction

Charles Tubbs

Naoma Nicholls Catherine Tranquilli
Lynnette Goldner at Invitations Plus Fred Rabban and Family
George Columbel Harriet Crawfrod
Chris and Susan Knudsen Gertrude Price In Memory of My Beloved Husband, Carl Price
Laurence L. Tozzi Sherrill F. Sipes
Otto and Monica Nemenz Bruce J. McMurdie

Dr. Michael K. Yanagita

Henry Bennett

Harold L. Dewitz

Nicole and Allan Mutchnik


Amy and Chuck Arebalo
Robert and Cindy Lee Bill and Kay Wittick
Miguel Recinos Raymond P. Davison
William and Carol Rees Louise H. Kessler
Karin I. Paulsen Robert and Janice Dushane
Anne Schedeen Jenniffer M. Dushane
Lillian Leve James and Vernene Santilena
Ronald D. Swart Lillian Dushane
Edward P. McDonald and Betsy Johnson Nancy Walper
Phyllis M. Blumenthal Tracy L. Elwood
Teri Weeks John and Cecilia Moelter
Robert H. Gardner Amnon Dishbak
Hannah Weinstein Maria S. Pini and Max R. Stawsky
Robert Van Matre Chris Smith
Jack and Micki Goldner Marcia Givvin
Timothy Barnett

"My hope is to bring people together from all walks of life in one room, with one sole purpose - that is to enhance the betterment of mankind, to bring in the new millenium with understanding, compassion, with tolerance, honesty and integrity, to propagate selflessness, to encourage equality among our fellow beings. This is my hope. Martin Luther King had a dream. Let this be a reality for the new millenium. The salvation of the human race rests on these principles.

Frontline has served over 635,000 meals to the unwanted and disparaged souls of our society in the area known as Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles since 1987. This event is solely dedicated to elevate the awareness that Frontline is not about the serving of food but rather about our concern for humanity - the food is but a vehicle that transmits compassion for the heart, love of the soul, purity of thought, withstanding honesty and unselfishness to guide ourselves through the maze of our turbulent society ."

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