We're well into our 15th year of serving food on Skid Row, in downtown Los Angeles and we've served over 730,000 meals! Thank you to all of our supporters!

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Heartfelt Thanks to Our Out of State Supporters!

Frontline does not just reach those in Los Angeles, let alone those on the West Coast. The people listed below are unsung heroes. They contribute to the idea of helping humanity, no matter where they are in need. Thank you to everyone here and there who help us help the hungry of Skid Row.


James Long, Alabama

Scott M. Bluemel, Arizona

Kevin D. Grenon, Arizona

Mildred H. Lyon, Arizona

Pamela Van Dyke, Arizona

Douglas L. White, Arizona

Dennis and Mary Eckdahl, Colorado

Nicole Archer, Conneticut

Teri Archer, Conneticut

Colin James Mayo, Conneticut

Peter and Barbara Zory, Florida

James and Oskana Fish, Florida

The Mackowski Family, Florida

Coretta L. Alexander, Georgia

Col Richard E.Hoyt & Mary Ann Hoyt, Georgia

John A. Maxwell, Illinois

Kristi Wish, Illinois

Patricia Poage, Iowa

Father Gregory Safchuk, Maryland

Joseph Castellani, Massachusetts

Bob and Joellen Ferm, Massachusetts

Martin McNulty Jr., Massachusetts

Dena Galgoci, Michigan

Marvin Broin, Minnesota

Aaron Hanauer, Minnesota

Debbie Crisswell, Missouri

AMC World Headquarters, Missouri

Raymond J.and Dana M. Castellani, Montana

Kathleen Ansaldi, New Jersey

John T. Andrews Jr., New Jersey

Linda Hlavacek, New Jersey

Margaret Mary McSweeney, New York

John Silver, New York

Richard A. Auclair, New York

George & Barbara Arakelian II, New York

Dr. Alan and Carol Meyer, New York

Prentiss and Frieda Carnell, New York

United Way of Tri State, New York

William Picotte, New York

Duncan and Karen MacAffer, New York

Daniel P. Hanifin, New York

Anne M. Mulderry, New York

Mrs. Bida's Homeroom - Form II, New York

Lawrence T.and Jane C. Piatelli, New York

Charlotte and Guido Bida, New York

Irwin J. Smith III, New York

Carol R. Rees, New York

Meg McSweeney, New York

William W. Rees, New York

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, New York

Joanne Marie Krzewina, North Carolina

Dana Lee Schwartz, Ohio

Cathy Adams, Ohio

Edwin & Bette Harrington, Ohio

Troy C. Gaudino, Pennsylvania

Jerry Shihinski, Pennsylvania

Heath Twichell, Rhode Island

Mary Alice Davis, Tennessee

Rekha Jayakumar, Tennessee

Robbie & Brenda L. McGuire, Tennessee

Danny Mustard, Tennessee

Cheryl K. Anderson, Texas

Patricia Hawkins, Texas

Sara R. Stevenson, Texas

Pat and Wilma Crowe, Texas

Kimm Antell, Texas

Raymond Davison, Utah

Karen Shock, Utah

Richard and Rachel Beamish, Vermont

Edlund Company, Vermont

Troy C. Gaudino, Virginia

Richard C. Mock, Washington D.C.

Joel B. Winograd, Wisconsin

Mackowski Family, Wisconsin



Ed Phelps, Costa Rica

Shmuel Levy, Israel

Joe Gold, Switzerland

Tanja Kraft, Toronto, Ontario

Dean Coyle, Windsor, Ontario

Tina Spengler, West Germany