We're well into our 15th year of serving food on Skid Row, in downtown Los Angeles and we've served over 730,000 meals! Thank you to all of our supporters!

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Want to help during the holiday season?

Frontline serves food to the hungry all year long. Many people around the holidays get a strong desire to help us and other organizations helping those in despair.

Frontline though does not serve on Thanksgiving or on Christmas. On those days, there are thousands of people, literally thousands of people, going downtown to volunteer. In fact, more often than not, there are more volunteers than homeless people!

If you love Frontline, or just simply want to do something for others during this season, here are some ideas:

1. Many people like to give monetary donations to Frontline. Truly, the funds we get during the holiday season help us throughout the entire year. After all, the people downtown need us to be there in January, when the cameras and celebrities have gone.

                Frontline Foundation   P.O. Box 570303 Tarzana, CA 91357

2. Give a gift certificate to a friend or loved one for the Night of Swing. $60 seats or $50 reservations are still available.

3. Cook a TURKEY. Take off the meat, wrap it in saran wrap, and bring it to Frontline. Or. freeze it, and then bring it to our kitchen. Email us for directions.

4. Hold a food drive for us. Remind people that our hungry friends on the street are hungry 365 days a year, not just on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ask friends to collect canned RAVIOLI. The people downtown love the hot food and the pasta is so filling for them. Remember - only ask for one item during your food drive!

5. Buy Frontline T-SHIRTS and give them as gifts to co-workers, family, neighbors and friends. Sizes M, L, XL in white, silver, Khaki,green, blue and red. Email us for the specifics.

6. Bake some cookies for Frontline and drop them off at our kitchen. Any kind will do - you could even decorate them. The people downtown love sweets, and all of know - there's nothing better than homebaked cookies! Email us for the specifics.

For any of these, just email us and we'll give you the specifics!

Or call (818)780-1995