We're well into our 15th year of serving food on Skid Row, in downtown Los Angeles and we've served over 730,000 meals! Thank you to all of our supporters!

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Frontline Fact Sheet

Frontline began in December, 1987 when Ray Castellani felt directed to go to Skid Row to help the hungry. Although he thought he would only do this a few times, the organization he founded has served close to 3/4 of million meals to the hungry of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.

Frontline serves it's food to people living on the streets in downtown Los Angeles. The people live in gutters, in alleys and under bridges, and on the streets. They are hungry, both physically and emotionally. The food is given freely with no strings

Frontline focuses the totality of its efforts on alleviating hunger. Frontline supports long term rehabilitative groups, but without food one cannot live, let alone re-enter mainstream society.

Out of a Van Nuys kitchen facility, Frontline volunteers serve food each week. Daily, volunteers collect all food items served from companies, food drives, and volunteers donating specific food items. Frontline also has, in the kitchen facility,
a General Store where people can buy specific products to donate directly to Frontline.

Unique to Frontline is the involvement of the downtown people in all aspects of the program. The people downtown assist with food distribution, line control, and they take tremendous pride in their contribution. They feel a part of Frontline and have an investment in how the program is conducted, and their participation strengthens their self esteem and gives them what little dignity they have.

Frontline has a minuscule monthly budget, with each monthly expense countered by a fundraising technique. Frontline's Executive Director and Founder, Ray Castellani, refuses any compensation for his work uptown or downtown. 

Frontline is one of the largest independent outside organizations providing emergency food assistance to the hungry of Skid Row, in downtown Los Angeles. More important though is the immeasurable amount of love, compassion and friendship that has passed from volunteers to street people, and vice versa, over the last eight years.

Frontline and Ray Castellani were the recipient of President Clinton's 1995 Service Award, the highest award given for service in our country. He and Frontline were also recognized by President George Bush, and were the recipient of JC Penney's National Golden Rule Award and The First Lady of California Award.

Through the example of Ray Castellani, the one mandatory condition of every aspect of Frontline Foundation is that every single thing must be done with love.