We're well into our 15th year of serving food on Skid Row, in downtown Los Angeles and we've served over 730,000 meals! Thank you to all of our supporters!

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This is the only picture of Ray and his parents that Ray has

Ray and his Aunt Babe. Aunt Babe was the only one who would visit Ray in the boy's home

Ray spent a couple of summers on a farm where he learned to work picking strawberries in the fields

This is Ray during his Academy years

Ray with Nana Castellani and his cousin Barbara
Ray in his Marine uniform
One of the few pictures Ray has with his mother Jane
This is the only picture Ray has of his grandfather who was the man responsible for refusing to let Ray be sent to any more boys homes. Ray lived with his grandfather in a nursing home cellar from the time he was 8 until his grandfather died.


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