We're well into our 15th year of serving food on Skid Row, in downtown Los Angeles and we've served over 730,000 meals! Thank you to all of our supporters!

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Castellani Honored By His High School Alma Mater

Academy Cover.gif (439570 bytes) Castellani grew up in Albany, NY. He attended the Albany Academy from 4th grade through the twelfth. When he got there he could not read, write or spell because he had been in an orphanage at an early age and then shifted from pillar to post until he lived with his grandparents and arrived at the Academy. There he participated in track, football, basketball, baseball and swimming. Scholastics were not his long suit but he attributes every facet of his academic foundations to the Academy for it is the only formal education he had.

The Alumni Association became aware of Castellani's work on Skid Row and honored him with the Distinguished Alumni Award. Castellani's name is now engraved in bronze in the foyer of the school. 

The Academy flew Castellani from LA to Albany to receive the award at the Alumni banquet where 75% of his graduating class from 1952 came to share in the evening.

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