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This was taken by Nina while Ray was shooting a short film called The Killers. The film, written by Charles Bukowski and directed by Patrick Roth, co-starred Jack Kehoe and was filmed in 1981.

Castellani starred in numerous plays including

Castellani has appeared in over 400 episodes of T.V., most of which came from the following shows:

  Emergency,Simon and Simon, Adam 12,  Bonanza, Dakotas, Temple Houston, Night   Gallery, Kojack, Planet of the Apes, McNaughton's Daughter, Judd for the Defense, The D.A., Dragnet, Sam, Mobile One, Quincy, Redd Foxx,Lucan, Project U.F.O., Turnabout, General Hospital, C.H.I.P.S., Riker, Oklahoma City Dolls, Hart to Hart

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He also appeared in over 75 plays some of which were The Curious Savage, Hat Full of Rain, The Rain Maker, What Makes Sammy Run, Light Up The Sky